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ahh.. busy busy. what’s new. i don’t have a job and already i am so busy!

been making earrings:

(i believe i have posted this before but this one has crystal beads (just another way for me to solve the wrong-orientation-problem. i gave my first pair to Hui Huan! :D)

and been doing up the front covers of our handmade notebooks for Four Legged Octopus. maybe i will photograph those i have done soon.
and… NYS camp stuff. admin work mainly. (Wendy’s shoes are hard to fill!)

and… momshoo badge orders…

yeps. busy i say. and at the same time i am dreaming about all the things i will be doing when i get to tokyo! from now till then it will be really busy, the most important thing is i do not want to fall sick! yes. important. important.

ok, i leave you with a new label i discovered thanks to Little Drom Store.
this is Minifanfan:
cute stuff! and kinda the same medium i am now working with.

visit http://www.minifanfan.etsy.com/ for more of her quirky illustrations!

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dreaming up a seed.

finally met Shima and HuiHuan today to well watch the show on everyone’s mind… Inception.

well… we reached at 1pm to buy tix for the show at 2pm. but yes due to the deep seed planted in everyone’s mind (i will elaborate later), it was well… sold out. so we booked the next show at 4pm. seriously i think everyone in the queue was going to watch that same show! we had lunch and roamed around centerpoint, OC, scape (extremely quiet btw.) and taka before realising it is 3.30pm already! in order not to get huihuan in one of her anxiety ‘attacks’ (exaggerating…) we rushed all the way to Orchard cineplex again only to join the throngs of equally excited people all grabbing their tickets happily like a child holding candy. i could not believe it but the theatre was full. really. (first time i am in such a full theatre since lord of the rings)

ok so we sat there keeping our ears peeled (which wasn’t so difficult as the sound system was blasting.) and eyes unblinking in case we miss the important bits. and at the end of it well, anything is a possibility. that’s where the movie fails. it fails to satisfy. you could analyse it to death and you will probably be back to where you started. it is like that. the easiest way is to let it go unsolved and admire the film for what it is.

and back to my elaboration… the biggest inception of the movie is the idea planted in the minds of the audience themselves. i walked out of the theatre feeling dazed (well… it might have been the too-loud sound system and the 3 hour long show) and a little in a dream myself. the movie embeds in its most basic terms: "Watch the movie and recommend it to everyone you know too". (maybe it is planted even before the show. the idea that "i don’t know what the show is about but everyone says it is a must-watch so yes, i am going to watch").

(maybe you do not understand what i am babblering about. well. i guess you just got to watch it for yourself! :P)

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plastic play-things

home alone again. with the exception of brownie who is again poking her front legs into our space. she gave me the evil eye this morning which probably meant, "don’t disturb me. "

i spent a good 2 hours playing around and made these:

little hand-drawn plastic pieces. i am thinking of all the possibilities of using these in Momshoo products. hoho.

and quite happy with the results. (I was inspired by Jo Rutter. only i dunno how to make jewellery using silver so these are in plastic. :D)

(and yes, i am still in the rain-cloud, rainy day phase. but this far from my cheery mood now. :D)

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oooh… Despicable Me was absolutely cute as expected. i found myself laughing with the rest of the audience in the cinema. really! the entire room was laughing. how nice to be able to laugh openly and not stifle it. anyways no one will know who is laughing in the dark (only jane who was sitting next to me. ha!)

but cute, cute!
1) the three orphan girls

2) Steve Carell’s awesome voice for Gru

3) and of course the cute yellow minions which must be in video (not pictures. :P)

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i went to the Night Fest on Saturday because i missed the last one and was dying to find out how the festival is able to transform the night… 😀

oh and i must say it was really quite happening with the museums in the Bras Basah precinct suddenly abuzz with activities and filled with throngs of people moving from one location to the next. we first went to visit the flea market at 8Q SAM hoping to see what’s in store for us in Aug when we will be selling at the Heritage fest and also hoping to meet people we know. and yes, we saw Sandra and Mandy there selling their handmade wares. :D!

the Abusement park (which seemed to sound like fright night to me/ those cheesy haunted house you visit at school carnivals… but i wouldn’t know, this is sour grapes speaking.) had a queue so long it deterred us from visiting despite knowing it was set up by the enticing Vertical Submarine (an artist collective which i have come to admire). oh well. oh well. stayed to watch the slowest sms billboard instead which wasn’t very slow but was primitive. still it was quite interesting!

we then headed for the national museum for hope of seeing a tango dance at 8pm. we never made it there in time as we got distracted by all the other happenings at SMU which we had to cross. a malay story performance;

the fireworks from NDP rehearsal;the muay thai boxing ring; street art; the taxi girls and taxi boys dancefloor;

by time we got to NMS there wasn’t much going on but it was worth it crossing SMU and seeing all the rest of the buzz. not bad. not bad.

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thud.thud.thud. yesterday involved faizah and i sewing notebooks with my cranky sewing machine at home. i think i am no longer so scared of Mister Sewing Machine anymore! 😀

it got off to a rocky start as it wiggled my way through the notebooks. giving yes, wavy lines like a a line of drunk ants on the page. but after more practice and a change of thread and lessening of pages (we were far too ambitious) my lines were much straighter! happy! Faizah took over like a pro, well… what i didn’t expect any less from this home economics teacher! 😛

ok, so looking at the books make me excited about what we are going to do on the covers… hopefully i get to meet up with everyone soon so they can be assigned to their individual artists! 😀

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this lady made me want to learn silversmithing. (and then I got derailed since i couldn’t find such a short course in Singapore. and now seeing that she finally updated her blog, i am interested all over again… sigh.)

Meet Jo Rutter:

oh did i mention she is only 23? (http://joanna-rutter.blogspot.com/)

on sidenote… i have been busy with my head buzzing with non-stop thoughts that it can be scary. for one yesterday was another mad rush for modules which weren’t even opened for waitlist in the first place. why do i even bother! hmm. to relax myself i went for a swim yesterday and an early morning walk with my mum at botanic gardens today. I have been sweating non-stop ever since and i think it is to do with my pores being all opened!

I also designed new namecards for momshoo:

(and in bid to save some money decided to cut it myself! they turned out pretty nice but it is a lot of work.

i also went to haji lane to stock in more earrings at Friends two days back.

(what a long sidenote. i better stop rambling).

oh but one last thing! i machine sewed my own notebook this morning as a trial for FOUR LEGGED OCTOPUS and they turned out pretty! i am naturally quite proud of them and special thanks to Mien design who placed a very simple tutorial on her flickr page! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/designmein/)

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