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camp starts today and will take up of my 10 days of recess week (including the weekends). then after camp i will be back to chasing my assignment deadlines.

anyhow… i haven’t been doing much work these two days, instead i have started sewing badges to build up the collection again.

(little prince’s planet)

(the lamplighter).

i also did the three little pigs yesterday and will be uploading the images on flickr. go see! πŸ™‚

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i woke up to see the sky in a bright sunny glow this morning… then it started fading to a colour of yellow ochre. yes, it was a beginning of a morning shower. the sight was so surreal i thought i was still asleep and dreaming that i pictured the scene. but no, it was from my window. how nice! too bad i couldn’t continue sleeping in that perfect-for-staying-indoors weather. it was freezing due to the rain. so walked towards S3.1 in the rain under the shelter of my striped umbrella..
not heavy enough to get me drenched but windy enough to cool the air. πŸ™‚

we lined the corridor with our wet umbrellas (i wished i took a photo :P) which was quite an array. looked like we were selling umbrellas! hahaha!
we did sanding of our clay models at 3D today. i thought it would be simple but even sanding your sculpture is an art and requires tender loving care. Lol. in the middle of it peter told me that "this is a nice sculpture." followed by "don’t screw it up." pressure comes with his compliment. maybe it wasn’t compliment, just that he was afraid that i would ruin my piece and it was more of a warning? i dunno.

we had to wear those green masks when doing the sanding as it was so dusty! all the surgeons in training arh! hahaha! it was really funny when we attempted to blow the sand off our sculptures and all we did was blowing air inside our masks. and liyana was taking photos and went "smile…" and it really doesn’t matter if we were smiling or not. unless your eyes can show you’re smiling. Ridwan smiled and asked if we could tell he was smiling. we could. because his mask was bobbing up every time he smiled and went back down when he wasn’t smiling! hahahaha! looks like we had lots of fun with that mask.

had to buy food back for many of them again today; it is becoming a routine of sorts. and Mr Bean is getting a lot of business from us. i ordered 5 set As, 1 cheese pancake and 2 hotdogs all at once. big order.

then we got our first homework from 3D class. hmmpf. it is pair work too. and guess who is my buddy.. jerome, who i thought would most probably pair with melvin since they are so ‘buddy-buddy’. i regretted saying yes when i realised that jiayin could end up pairing with melvin since melvin always ‘bully’ her. oh well, we will see how that works out. πŸ˜›

then lit lecture with jeremy. the video he showed at the start was so interesting yet so morbid and sick at the same time. i m not sure if i can say i enjoy it when i felt a bit sick while watching it. maybe the breakfast part was ok, but the lunch bit went a bit too far with the "sick" element.

Jan Svankmajer – Food Pt:1 (1992)

(done by a czech surrealist artist Jan Ε vankmajer)

lit is getting interesting when you start to kinda understand jeremy’s ironies and paradoxical claims. i like the stand up comedian he showed in a video today too. talking about the use of soft language (politically correct) when "blind" becomes "visually impaired", "die" becomes "passed away"… and best of all, "partly cloudy" is now "partly sunny"!

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ginormous camp bag.

life is falling into a routine. wednesday-tiring day of 4D and WAH tutorial

and so i had 4D in the morning. most of us did not do enough for our work in progress. hmm.. then skipped tutorial as i had to attend the camp briefing. camp’s schedule looks packed and strangely like OBS all over again. and there is so much to pack! to think the facilitator said that the list is the minimum amount of things to bring for camp. oh my.

shall get through this school week first then worry about my enormous camp bag when it is over. sigh. i hate packing for camps.

(found this image while doing 4D sketches yesterday. :))

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something smells bad…

today is bad smell day. i am serious, everywhere seems to smell bad today. Canteen B smelt like food gone sour, the WAH LT smelt like smelly shoes, even outside the WAH LT smelt terrible and so was the toilet in canteen A. eww. i wonder why?

anyways… so had fdn drawing again. female and male life model sketching. yepps.
then ended early as we wanted to get to WAH lecture early today since we thought she would flash the questions for our exams. We were so early that the last lecture group haven’t even left the LT.. sat on the steps and took funny photos of the ‘roller coaster’. heh.

lecture was sleep-inducing, her voice is just such a lullaby. ate tic-tacs to stay awake. πŸ™‚ Then dinner at Can A…Jap food again and Mac’s ice-cream. i am very full now. *BURP!

9:30pm update:
taking a break now… serving the web and suddenly came upon Matt Giraud on youtube. he is really good, but he isn’t signed on yet. sad. sad. sad.

Matt Giraud- So Small (Studio Version FULL)

Matt Giraud- You Found Me (HQ Studio Version)

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back in hostel again. the sky is raining and it is all dark and quiet- perfect for sleeping…

this week is going to be hectic trying to get as much work done as possible before recess week starts. ironic? not so when you realise that you have a 5-day camp to go through during your recess week. hmm… i dunno whether i am looking forward to it or not.

oh! i finally watched "Departures", that Japanese movie that won an Oscar for best foreign film (and that everyone has been telling me to go watch). It was really good. the acting was good but most of all, the plot was touching. I like how the story revolves around the taboo theme of funeral rites and i realised how different the funeral rites are in Japan! it is so interesting. It was so funny at the start too! great show- now i am going to become one of those people who goes around telling others to watch it.

(sketch by Elizabeth Perry at http://www.elizabethperry.com/woolgathering)

maybe i will just rest tonight and finish up my watchmen.

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book sanctuary

must blog about this before it slips my mind (as i go lost in the buzz of school week once again…)

went to visit Shannon’s and Mike’s newly opened bookshop at Club Street on Saturday night. i love the place! the shop is called "WOODS IN THE BOOKS" and it specialises and stocks picture books in both chinese and english! πŸ™‚ don’t you love picture books? perfect for those who are lazy to read chunks of words or are pressed for time. afterall, they say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. yep, yeps.
their shop is also so simply furnished with bookshelves by the sides and soft-toy mobiles (by mike) hanging from the ceiling. i love the simple line drawings on the wall, ceiling and stenciled animals on the floor too! PREEETTY! :))


Then went into ‘Polymath and Crust’ opened by the same people who owns ‘books actually’, this new shop specialises in non-fiction titles and has that same vintage-y feeling as books actually. the first floor sells books, the second has many small knick-knacks for sale (places on shelves made of stacked up wooden crates!) and the third floor or the attic is a small gallery space. beautiful.

i was in book haven.

(PS: lynette: yes, that is the lydia from G4. :))

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shortcut or not?

quick post.

friday is here again… don’t time seems to whisk past you just like that? so it was 2D in the morning. showed karen my work in progress, she approves it. i either need to work really hard today to complete it so i can print it tomorrow (because the printing shops will be closed on sunday and monday due to Hari Raya.) or use some ‘method’ which would mean a lot less work but is cheating. i think. Jerome came up with a shortcut to doing the pixel method (which i so much easier and really makes use of simple photoshop techniques…) but he went around telling everyone such that karen now knows. so she rejected that method. Nic is trying desperately to fulfill the brief and find a shortcut at the same time (a.k.a looking for loopholes in the brief). and there Liz was doing the manual method quietly. she finished it eventually-> faster than Nic could find a shortcut! ahaha. the irony of the situation.

Lydia came today too with 4 less (wisdom) teeth after her surgery on thurs. she is coping well like i did a few months back. but she hasn’t eaten anything since the surgery or so she says. MUST EAT, LYDIA! hopes the wounds heal soon then she can talk normally again. πŸ™‚ (i keep thinking milo and oatmeal…)

anyways, so i started on my next project for 2D- pointillism. I picked Delacriox’s "Liberty leading the people" not because of Coldplay… but because it has contrast and i want to draw the little boy in the painting who inspired Victor Hugo to write Les Miserables. yea.. it is going quite well so far but it is tedious, tedious, tedious. how did jianhao do it??? hats off to him.

ending off… Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends! (and next week you can join us for lunch again! :))

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