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the first time this year that i am actually making use of my early day (on my timetable) to be actually HOME early!
i used to have early tuesday which ended at 11 something during pae when there was no PW and i had a very unbalanced timetable. it changed after PAE (like everything else…)
i am so happy despite my tired body. (i dunno how my pe teacher does it, he makes us do these exercises which look DECEIVINGLY slack but they really are not. thankfully though, i heard my classmates had a pe lesson which did not look or sound deceivingly slack, and was definitely not slack. )
i have loads of work and yet i m here blogging. plus i just finished my Chinese New Year card! prepare to recieve it everyone! haha. it was fun to do.
i better start on sketching for coursework consultation! bye!

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impulse to blog.

the weekend is just too short to complete all the homework teachers want us to complete by the following week.
mondays come too fast,
the homework list never seem to start from ‘0’ when a new week starts.
and some things stays permanently on my list. rah!
had to sit through a bullet-train chemistry lecture today on alcohols followed by a more appropriately-paced biology lecture. and double period GP. it can been so boring not due to my teacher but really due to the length of time… it is so long! then, after the short break, sped up to chemistry tutorial. halogenoalkanes. civics was watching the apprentice by a squeaky-voiced donald trump. i can’t stand his voice. after the long-overdued lunch (as quoted from my grumbling stomach) had a lot of thinking and understanding to do in H3 art. oh and a lot of videos, which were all very interesting, these artists does weird art. the LV commercial by takashi murakami was good though. 🙂 oh and the one about Lim Tzay Chuen was just irritating.

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what do you call art?

this was quite a fun activity which we did in H3 art last week. and the list we came up with was very wacky….
yet not untrue! read on…
How to make something become an artwork?
– have a solid concept
– have your signature on it (look up: Marcel Duchamp who painted "R.Mutt" (a pseudo name) on a urinal)
– give it a title (as long as something has a title of an artwork, it is art? add the year, medium, size behind the title)
– number your works (it gives people the impression that you have done a lot of the same series artworks.)
– charge a lot for it (it will cause a stir in the media!)
– get famous first, then do something and call it art (chances are people will die to get their hands on something done by a celebrity)
– replicate or reproduce it (generates publicity and more income, think Andy Warhol!)
and that was the little session we had, it was really wacky and not meant to offend any artists. H3 art is of course more serious than that after that fun introduction!

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happy birthday

hoho… so many people remembered my birthday on the 15th jan! i m happy. 🙂
and i m 18. yes,yes… everyone reminds me i can buy alcohol, watch m18 movies, drink and drive (though not together. that’s still not legal).
my lovely cheese-brownie cake! 🙂

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Highlights of the camp (outside of activity)

– Before start of camp when we found oac song books! Rachel found the song book and we just decided to start singing… ok… it was alvyn really. He flipped the book and was unable to sing so many of the songs so he kept going “this one how to sing?” and Claire and I and practically everyone who came in the store after that was singing old tunes from campfires and old movies like sound of music. After that we just went nuts and started singing and singing and singing before the juniors arrived. J

– Senior-junior bonding time at the most unexpected time e.g. at 12 o’clock when I joined 4 jnrs, including phong (a very smart, bukit panjang govt high robotics club student), kuan loong (a rv-ian athletics) in talking about all sorts of stuff, like guessing of schools (they thought I was from a mixed school!) and cca (they took forever to guess art club!) haha. Plus a gross end to the discussion, sadly. Ekk.

– the really funny sleeping arrangements!!! I came back from my bath to find a group of people in all direction and sleeping positions in the basketball court! And when Jillian, Weiling and I went to the grandstand to sleep, we were met by neat layers of sleeping people on the benches. It was like rooms for rent, no wait… beds for rent and they are decked! It was hilarious to see as everyone was in neat columns! We ended up joining them with many others joining us. I found it funnier when going around with Jessie to wake people up…

– which brings me to the next highlight… people are clueless about what they say when they just got up! The two of us went around waking them up and Jessie kept asking “what is 2 + 2?” to check if they are awake. The answers we got are so funny! “10” and benedict’s reaction was the funniest, he was like shifts to a different sleep position, looks blurrily in your direction, stones, and tries to think but no answer comes out. Jessie with her four fingers out, “let me give you a hint”. He finally mutters a “4” then goes back to sleep. Hahaha!!!!

– the seniors bonding. awesome (in the language of alvyn)! I remember waiting for the juniors to sleep, I brought the tin of biscuits out to the bball court where we were sitting and it just seems to run out so fast. I pass the tin around… everyone has nothing better to do but munch so we do just that! Even the guys who were playing bball in the other court would come to our court every so often and I would be like *shoves biscuit tin in their direction, their reaction? Jinxian: “wah… how you know?”, weiwen’s reaction: *grabs a whole stack of biscuits and starts munching. Oh and we celebrated grace’s birthday!! (:



Low points

– The night before the camp and during the camp, I got a lot of last minute sms-es, messages that informed me (a bit late) that they were not going to be there all the time, they are going to leave at ____, or worse, they are going to leave NOW. I hate such last minute requests.

– despite going smoothly with only slight hitches in timing, there were some incidents we could not avoid. The solo night was one very good example.

– there weren’t as many juniors as I had hoped for but nevertheless, I think they were very enthusiastic and I could ask for higher energy level. But of course, I wished there were times when they could have listened more to our briefings, or that I had an as loud voice as Kevin.

– It seemed that many juniors did not enjoy the amazing race as much as we hoped they will due to the limited time, lack of sense of urgency and lack of sleep.

 And on the personal level… my legs ache and I did not have enough sleep, at all. (a sentiment shared by many of the seniors)


Activity by activity:

– Icebreakers: a big big big mess at the start that it was absolute chaos due the unrestricted space. It ended up being more effective after the cut down in space and many juniors expressed that the game was fun. However, it was not how the oc comm, especially icebreakers ic, mervyn, pictured the game to turn out.

– tent pitching and outdoor cooking: a good demo by terence and benedict except the little hitch during the fire-lighting. The picking of wood was good as many juniors willingly helped out. The turfing was ok but the cooking was done mainly by the seniors (at least for my group) that we might have failed in the objectives of the activity. But we got our stomachs filled!

– night games: very smooth. I only met with two groups but they need not visit all. Spent my time drawing and reading up on QA. Juniors feedback that this activity could have been extended to allow all groups to finish.

– wet games: by far the most successful part of oc! The milo got everyone sticky, the sweets got everyone grossed out and the water bombs… got everyone wet! Chaotic but all in good fun. After all, it was before wash up! I managed to stay dry and milo-free with wai kit, jinxian, benhong and Claire… but we all ended up wet at the last game.

– solo night: it would have been better if everything went to plan but the change in route halfway due to the barking dogs (really not within our control if you ask me…) and the police car was quick and shuwei did a good job with the reallocation. Good job! My station with alvyn and Claire at oac land was cancelled so after the long talk with the two of them (about J1 chem, alvyn’s weird calling habits)… I joined wai kit at TC block. Some juniors were so playful (this is really no the right time…) that they ran off and we couldn’t find them. Hmmpf!

Amazing race: the last thing on the second day when everyone is already half-dead. The groups lacked the sense of urgency and we as seniors did not enforce it strongly (we kinda gave up after a while) that many did not get to go to many stations. But the activities proved fun as feedback on fun-level was good, I was especially happy with my group’s scavenger hunt! Yay!




I think the camp was a huge achievement and I really have to thank the enthusiastic juniors and the really helpful seniors who lent their hands (like octopuses, so many hands!) in making this camp a success! Super duper thanks to Wong Ying, Claire!!! For coming down to camp even when you are so sick that you couldn’t come to school for lessons. But you still made it to camp, thank you! And of course Jessie who really guided me (and probably knew the proposal as thoroughly as all the oc comm. members!) and prompted me to keep to all the timings. Yay! Thanks to oc comm for being such good comm. members, planning all your activities so well (improvising when things crop up as if it was all part of the plan), and sending your changes to me on time! Thank you so much! And last but not least… Char(!!), for being so on task and co-organising this camp, I think you did so much work and I’m sure my name appeared so many times in your sms inbox as much as yours appeared in mine. Thank you!

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Beauty World Cha Cha Cha!

Yet another fabulous musical and it is local! I remember I watched this musical first on television during president star charity show when I was young (remember evelyn tan as ivy, daren lim as ah hock, hossen leong as Frankie, jascinta as rosemary, koh chieng man as mummy, jack neo as wanchoo, sharon aw as lulu and so many more…) and strangely this real stage musical will again be associated with the president! Haha.
Yes… I can’t stop feeling absolutely lucky that sitting in our midst (a few rows in front of me) was the president (and his wife) himself, plus ivan heng (the director) and Michael chiang (the playwright). Wow. I think I actually came for the best show of the season!
To the musical itself… it was so good! It was every inch as good as what I remembered, if not better! Haha. The chorus were excellent with their superb dancing, I loved the choreography! Especially the opening number. The cast was very good too with Elena Wang as Ivy, Daren Tan as ah hock, Irene Ang as Wanchoo (she is so good!), Neo Swee Lin as Mummy and the character that drew most laughs, Frankie played by Dwayne Tan! The crowd broke into laughter everytime he came out to sing “I-I-I-I-IVY…” it was hilarious! Plus the new songs by dick lee and the reworked script by Michael chiang made it so refreshing (yet familiar) to watch!
the day (or night!) ended strangely with boarding the LAST BUS home. it was interesting course i never stay out so late to take hte last bus home before! haha.
what a way to celebrate the weekend, in a cabaret, BEAUTY WORLD!

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i feel guilty for not going for photography lessons yesterday…
but i have an excuse! aep ended late (as usual) and i know that if i were to rush around from place to place like a headless-chicken (i never actually seen a headless chicken walk before… let alone run! haha) i would most probably get even more sick then i already am!
so sorry.
i kinda wished i went though. especially since my night shots are much worse off than my day shots and i pobably need all the advice i can get. but oh well, something had to give.
i still felt i learnt quite a lot from the interesting sessions with mr francis lee and it was an interesting mix of people in the class. especially when it came to age! we all made new friends, yeah?

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today was one of the days i actually came home early.. at 6+pm.
the whole week was either aep or oac oc, till really, really late.
oh, plus i am already down with sorethroat and runningnose on my second week into school. how great.
anyway… oc has been stressful but fun in a way. the precious field is not meant for tents to be built on and slept on that i really wished we had normal grass instead of spending so much on synthetic ones. argh. yesterday we briefed the rest of our batchmates (which weren’t many of them due to 12 of them being OGLs>) and it suddenly strike me that there was so much that we had already done (but yes… i know there are more to be done..) and all that work and people which went into that planning! good work everyone! i am compiling all the changes now!
and it was really funny too. shuwei brought us around the solo night walk and we just looked at all the danger points, all the possible scary stuff we could use (we are all pretty ingenious when we come to that, aren’t we? haha), going into the female toilet (that is one of the stations) together like it was some sort of tour, art block (my 2 years in nj is and will probably be spent there…), and basically knowing the little nooks and crannies of njc a little better. it was quite interesting.
then the checking of tents yesterday was hilarious! the flysheets are either teeny (like a tiny cap) or really long and odd shaped (not very easy to fold, trust me.) and the squeezing of tents back into the bags was so strenuous! haha. we all had quite a workout just getting the tents into their bags. i mean the bag is SO small! the zip threatened to break at the seams. opps.
next week is the real thing, i really hope things will work out as planned!

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night falls in the city-

went for photo-outing number two yesterday.
at night, at raffles place area.
beautiful place!! i love the riverside and Singapore river despite it being really tiny (compared to rivers in other countries) and over-depicted (in paintings… there was a art exhibition in Singapore called "NOT the Singapore River" in 1986 by a group of artists who thought that Singapore river was over-used and wanted to try something different! HA… i bet you didn’t know that.)
anyway… like what i said. i still love the place. plus botero’s BIRD> it is really quite cute. oh plus the fullerton hotel which looks so grand as always. and we were trying to take pictures in the rain which just didn’t work out so must thank the restaurant SIX for letting us hide in there for a while (with nice sofas…seats, tables to be used as stablizers)
it was really fun.
watch this space for pictures!

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first week of school is finally through.

despite being only 3 days, it really seemed to stretch on!

the fact that i am now a senior finally sank in when i saw the new batch of J1s on wed in their different uniforms, waiting excitedly in front of njc (and nygh gate for that matter. 🙂 some njc guy even went into the wrong gate! only to be stopped by the security guard at nygh. quite hilarious, really.)

after getting my timetable, i realised that all my tutorial classes have been change (i.e. i m no longer with the same group of people…) except for biology and aep of course. thankfully, my teachers are all very nice! 🙂 meaning… i will actually pull through this year! haha.

had a very busy thrus… cleaning up the art room was no mean feat! the dust seemed to have been collecting there since… i dunno, a year or two? eww. plus all the junk in that room, ok… not junk to mr lee, who became a ‘garung guni man’ (as quoted by him) trying to pick up things from the dustbin which we threw out! sorry! i guess we would probably regret throwing out some of the stuff when we actually get started on coursework this year. hmmpf. oh and we got our art spaces/ corners in ar11. we are supposed to go there to stare at the wall (which is blank now after the hard work of painting over our senior’s thoughts!) not do our homework there. but… i guess we are going to end up doing everything there. like a new home. haha. anyway… ran for the bus home followed by the rush to get ready and off to photography lessons. i got very very grouchy. (imagine… a long day at school, part of which included a long, back-aching, nose-itching cleaning session, a run for a bus plus the thought of the pile of hw needed to be completed by the next day…) still… photography lesson was very insightful. :))

on fri… normal lessons. the highlight was really pe lesson with… mr menon. ek ping was laughing away at his dead-pan face jokes the whole lesson. plus it was height and weight time again… and if you are in the same class as longhao… it can get quite funny when the pe teacher takes forever to read the part of the ruler which they haven’t read before! lol. then cca carnival time! helped oac set up a bit… felt a bit guilty for not helping them build the structure so helped with the tying of more spars. hey… i helped! 🙂 we ended up straining our voices to get heard over the loud PA at the linkway. art club promotion was quite the opposite. (i think we promoted strategic games more with the connect 4!) and the new jap culture club (a sub of art club) got more attention than the original art club. hmmpf. its ok though… due to aep, we have a confirmed list of art-clubbers.

and after all the cca carnival… orientation camp is next!

will start intensive work for it next week.

oh… another special day is coming up next next week. hopefully people remembers. 😛

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