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yay! i love my early day.

plus thurs is a publice holiday (and yet everyone is forgetting about it… especially my very enthu ma2G.)

i m so happy i get my "halfday" compensation from yesterday. i went home at 5pm yesterday due to glass mosaic. it is finally completed though and it looks really really really good. ūüôā

this is a preview:


(taken before the cementing and i took it in parts before joining it together on photoshop so i may not join exactly. take it as a collage! :))

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arty farty

i feel relatively arty this week after:
– finishing the glass mosaic (except for the cement) during art club: look out for these new additions to the njc wall near the bookshop during college day!
– the visit to NAFA and Raffles La-selle on thurs with aepians.
– visit by this ‘designer/conceptual artist/philosopher’ from Hoko (it is an art studio): he talked about the nothing-ness of things… and the very unconventional Project ten. i love the equation Love+Plate. it is such a simple concept yet t has not caught on yet. it could potentially revolutionise the way we interact during meals.
go to http://www.hokostudio.com to see the projects. the photography there is very good and it just shows what a good photo can showcase your works better.
– spray-painting stones with (eww) enamel paint: we all got coloured!
DSCF5774 void holes after the stones are taken off!
 DSCF5779 enamel paint
DSCF5781 DSCF5787
i loved making these marbling      Spray gun!
effect with the spilled paint!
– And spending all my free periods in my art space in ar11: making pills
yesterday, we spent our free period having our own games extravanganza in ar11. connect-4 and reversi is our forte. and despite everything she says, hui jun has became the queen of connect-4! haha. it was fun and not ‘brain-draining’ as it was meant to be. it was a break from work.
and met up for a major chatting session at curry wok with the gluttons. the 8 of us in our uniforms. the curry wok uncle was quite amused and surprised as he went "wah. hwa chong and nj together?". haha. yes. and we are very close too!

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today’s pe was hilarious and it marked the reminiscing of old childhood games.
since we had done and passed our napfa, the seven of us were allowed to play captain’s ball, except with that few people there really wasn’t much of a game to play! so i suggested the one game you could play with a ball and a few people: Monkey. i didn’t expect that we would actually play it. but we did in the end. that just reminded me of 201’04 days spent at the roof-top open space just outside our classroom playing monkey. i miss those times.
following which we played this game called "mushroom" as introduced by angela (tan). basically a modified version of our childhood game "catching" or "freeze and melt". it was quite fun and hilarious (i think even for those watching us.). then when the game got boring the other angela (tay) suggested modifying it further. so we had the hopping version and the walking version. (to angela tay’s dismay we didn’t do the crawling version… haha) and despite how stupid the game sounds especially after the modification, it provided us with quite a workout and we all came out of pe drenched in sweat. the hopping version was very effective.
so much for growing up, we are still playing the same games as when we were young!
but you know what? it was F-U-N.

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delayed icac pics.

i have been dying to post up photos on ICAC but was unable to as we weren’t allowed to leak anything to the rest of oac.
but now that it is over… enjoy the pics!
the crazy group 4!
with juniors claire, phong and kah han.
seniors: noisy and wild kai ting and jillian, ego ben hong (with extendable ears and really good inference skills), wai kit who can’t keep his mouth shut (notice the combination of him and ben hong will almost be like us dishing out the places they have to go without them having to guess much.), wong ying and i!

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balancing scale

I always remember the time during OBS when I was kayaking with jo at chek jawa…. I remember feeling like it was so much easier just giving up with the paddling because we were not moving forward anyway… but I knew that if any of us stopped paddling, we would soon be drifting backwards.


Somehow that experience is exactly how I feel with my workload now! I have so much work and I don’t see myself progressing as the minute I finish something, another assignment comes along. I feel like giving up and leaving my work blank yet I know I will soon be falling behind if I do.


That‚Äôs when art comes into the picture. It acts as the balance, I guess. Yet you can‚Äôt be doing both art and other well-structured subjects together‚Ķ I mean art is supposed to be more fluid and spontaneous isn‚Äôt it? hui huan told me that all artists have ‘artist block’ all the time. i suppose that is true too.


Anyway, amidst all the work, i talk to val (her space is just facing mine) and we end up talking about spice girls and the past and everything gets all nostalgic as though we are two old ladies recalling our childhood. It is so funny! Especially when we start discussing her baking (she loves it) and how she is going to get her supplies from phoon huat, I start feeling really old. Haha.


Time really flies.


Till the next time lapse after icac! (:

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fats + felt

Joseph Beuys is so hard to understand!

i think he comes up with very abstract theories but that is not the difficult part in understanding his art.
the difficult part comes from the fact that he cannot express himself very well. i think his language, english in particular, is very accented that the video of him made me completely clueless and i heard bits of phrases but i did not know the context at all. it was terrible. His voice could easily become noise, which is the scary part. amazingly, with the enormous help from Chris’ and val’s ears… we managed to piece together a bit of his meaning… but it is still a big blur. no wonder no one really knows why he is such an important artist.

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I m so happy and every so often I will suddenly smile without any reason. Well… there is a reason: I did well for my Project Work (a’levels)!!!  Yes, I did not see wrongly, I did well! And I am very happy for my entire group for doing so well! We all put in so much effort and it has definitely paid off! Yay, group NJ072! WALT DISNEY ROCKS! Haha

I keep thinking back on the times we spent on WR but what was most memorable was really the Oral Presentation! Oh my, we really spent so much time on that with so many initial technical problems to all that run-thrus at the raintree at 10am in the morning. Plus I remember the day before the actual OP, we did a run in the PA room giving each other a lot of encouragement, a lot of critics and timing each other too! We really worked very hard and I want to say: I really enjoyed working with the three of you, Yu Xuan, Hui Huan and Teresa.




(it is an old picture but the same euphoria is felt today as in the end of OP last year)



I still remember during our very first pw meeting we told ourselves that our goal was to achieve a B or better! Well… We did it!

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yes, GP was interesting today and so was art about philosophy about imitation, representation and expression but this is one really interesting thing that happened to me today!
I’m so amused and very pleasantly surprised at how i managed to sustain (ok… sustain is¬†made it sound like¬†it was¬†an uphill task but it¬†really was so easy!)¬†a relatively long conversation with a girl from 07IP01 who was a stranger to me. Notice i used the word "was" and not "is". Anyway, i was sitting at the ISAC booth at the canteen area when this girl came up to me and¬†asked if she could sit there too because she¬†couldn’t find a seat in the canteen.¬†Well, i said¬†‘no’ but really politely afterall it was a BOOTH right? but she really couldn’t find a seat so¬†since i was going off soon, i allowed her to sit with me. The first thing i noticed was the RED school tie she was wearing… haha. turns out she is doing ushering duty for PTM but the parents were not here yet (maybe due to rain?). But besides that, she was friendly and easy to talk to despite the age difference and¬† most importantly, the fact that we just met without meaning to. (it was not due to a similar activity or programme that we were both involved in that caused us to meet, we just met, just like that!) It occurred to me that relationships (more specifically, friendship) can be forged in the most unusual of situations and ways, even with the littlest amount of common interests! (i am inferring that we probably do not share much in common as she is the kind of girl who will take a normal subject combinations totally different from mine…)
and it is interesting how much you can¬†learn about a person in a very short period of time, i just forgot to get her name…
still i realised a lot from the meeting!

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Hoot~ i managed to find time (3 hours!) to sew this badge on friday. it is hand-sewed and really addictive too!
it occurred to me that i can’t make a business out of this. because no one would buy this for $30 which is probably the most reasonable price for my efforts+ the design+ material costs+¬†my time.¬†unless i am famous of course. haha.¬†
it is a work of art and the joy comes from the process of making the owl not the price it can be tagged with!

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after worrying for the WHOLE day (and the day before and the day before that, and the day before that)… Biology test is over!


hoho. i am very happy and i suddenly feel that i m very light! no more burden till the next test… chem next week. but it is at least not one full paper like biology so i guess it will be better. ūüôā


thanks to shan for encouraging me to study and studying with me today despite only going to take the test on friday! you will do well! ūüôā


anyway, i realised that when you feel really sleepy, the best way to wake up is to have PE lesson. (even so, mr lee said that my eyes were very small today like i was going to fall asleep… haha.) And despite feeling really tired today (i must have been worrying in my sleep too..) i managed to see the logic in one math question and answered a question in class! amazing, really!


oh and today is April Fool’s day. i got tricked by lizhen into thinking that bio test was cancelled (char was hoping so hard for it to be a joke though!), saw oac-ians get tricked by terence into thinking that there is SO MUCH more trainings for the overseas trip, saw jessie place a fake spider on grace (she din react to it though.) and saw a¬†couple of strange men’s photographs staring back at me when i used the toilet today (placed there by the council for april fool’s).

Happy April Fool’s Day


remember in NYGH where 413 and 414 switched classrooms for one of the periods on April fool’s 2006? we all had a good laugh, even the teachers did.

Laughing is good for health. ūüôā



here’s a cute picture to laugh at. Rain is making good progess! litter-trained and sterilised and generally becoming domesticated.

he gave me a good run by escaping from his playpen! *pants*

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