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The Keret House

I am so impressed by a house in Warsaw, dubbed the ‘world’s thinnest house’, it is only 1.2m at its widest and 0.7m at its thinnest.

It looks like this:



I am inspired by the way the architect designed the high ceilings and skylight just to make the house feel more spacious! 🙂

see the actual thing in the news clip below:


images from Keret House.

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The Last Knit.

there is something about this animation that made my parents and I stop and watch for the entire clip in an exhibition in Zurich a year back… and there is something about it that makes us unexpectedly quote and remember it during a completely unrelated daily conversation.

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I got a little star-struck when I found film-maker and artist’s Nawal T.’s comment on my inspiration blog about a month back on a post i wrote about his work. Today I find myself star-struck once again when I found Betsy Greer’ comment, author of book ‘knitting for good!’ on another blog post i wrote about her book! her ideals on the concept of craftivism (a word she coined) has been such an inspiration to me!


funny how these little comments can be a ridiculous smile on my face.

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I have been reading this book “Causing A Scene” written by Charlie Todd who founded Improv Everywhere. and it is just too funny to put down! I like how they manage to work around the law, but more importantly, i love how the team manages to create laughs in ordinary spaces by matching the space with mis-matched extraordinary pranks.


“before it became a shared experience… it was maybe a bit scary… once it became a shared experience it was something that was funny and something you could laugh at.”

Charlie Todd explains their movement in this Ted talk and says simply that there need not be a reason for wanting to spend your time doing all these pranks, you are allowed to ‘just do it because you want to’. simple as that. In the midst of the fast-paced, busy lifestyle of today, you will be hard-pressed to find people willing to fork out time to do something seemingly ‘less productive’. There is a constant need to justify why we are spending so much time on something. And being in design, this made me wonder why must everything be justified to the last minute detail? why can’t you design something in a way just because you like and it and you think would work? why must everything be tied down so tightly to your target response that it is left no room to breathe? it is interesting really.

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crafty recess.

I had a super crafty recess week which just made me so happy! 🙂 (I went on a shopping spree for fabric too! both online and offline, and yes, i feel a bit guilty but i can justify it…)

I had a whole long list of things-to-do but even while completing most of them, I had time to squeeze in crafty stuff that wasn’t on my to-do list. just because i wanted to. just because i was inspired to.

as part of my publication mod this sem, I painted some horses. and since i had paper and supplies at home due to my watercolour mod, I did watercolours:


I liked the results so much i made it into a fabric design to be uploaded on Spoonflower. check it out here!


the other thing i feel so proud about is my new found skill… Eraser Stamp Carving! 🙂


^ to celebrate panda mania in Singapore. heh.

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