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oh the clueless ghost!

just because it is a good occasion to be drawing pumpkins and such. (i did this in watercolour pencils and markers.)

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halloween is tomorrow and i seems that it is becoming a festival more celebrated in Singapore than before! as community centres plan halloween related events, and clubs cash in on the whole spook parties… people are also dressing up the part on the streets!  I got to see some spooky ‘creatures’ doing their retail therapy at the shopping mall alongside us normal folks today. how strange.

it is big thing in the west as Etsy stores start piling up with such scream-fest goods to entice customers to spend. among the usual scare-realted products, there are some awfully cute ones too:

(a spooky pouch)

the ghostly cake toppers that i am sure kids would love to have among their ‘trick or treat’ loot.

i wonder if i will see any little dressed up children at our door this year?

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i only officially began school yesterday but it was one long day! leaving home at 7am and only reaching home at 10pm! after that it went like bathe, watch some tv, sleep, wake up and it is on the way to school again this morning. it is like two days into one!

oh but it was nice walking into school today and finding almost the entire G4 there together. jerome commented that it is like a G4 outing. and it sure felt like it with all of us together at one place since foundation year ended last year. i still miss it. ahh.

during our history of graphic design there was a guest lecturer who is a chemist (or a chemistry professor). yes, a chemist! but she is also a writer and writes a weekly column for a newspaper on contemplative living. so she came to speak to us about contemplative writing, what environment to be in when writing, having little rituals, giving ourselves space, switching off our computers (!!)… it is all very general, not particular to design at all but very insightful all the same. she went off for a retreat of some sort for 5 weeks where she went unplugged to electronics such as her computer, tv, ipod, living in silence… and doing some knitting. made me want to knit suddenly! haha!

(gosh darn knit)

maybe cover little stones with crochet…

anyhow, contemplative living when you are not actually working your brain so hard. it is like meditation i guess. i have the sudden urge to start sewing something random. like an embroidery maybe. drawing with thread.

(powa powa from Japan)

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making faces.

Little Drom Store is having a new mini exhibition which looks interesting!

it is interactive and is all about creating… Faces:

like this one ^

i quote from their site: “the little drom store presents ‘F A C E S’ by illustrator/artist Miun. Faces is an interactive, conceptual artwork exploring human faces. Limited hand-sewn eye, nose and mouth pins would be available for sale during the exhibition! Every pin is different! 10 October to 7 November 2010 the little dröm store”

(all the eyes, noses and lips for you to choose from!)

how fun! things you wished you thought of (earlier!). :p anyhow, visit the artist’s website at here

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Back to badges.

so yes, in terms of all the Momshoo business, the recess week has been really productive!

i got back to making badges after a long hiatus!

the rest of the pictures can be found here

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pilli pilli handmade

i just love browsing through Etsy and discovering new shops! 😀

today i met: PilliPillihandmade
she has got really cute sewn items and great photography too! (maybe i should try the clean white look for my photographs too?)

cute stuff! 😀

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it is recess week! and i said i would take some photos for Momshoo. here are some luggage tags we have been sewing for trove at esplanade:

And… sometimes i look at these tiny independent shops and i long to own one!

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