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oh ho! recess week! :D

i was too tired yesterday to blog. or maybe i was too lazy too since i feel like i have all the time in the world now. very dangerous thinking. it is only a week of recess.

yes, it was a long long long day yesterday filled with all that mad rushing around. 3D in the morning which put in me into the dilemma of whether i should use clay or not. yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. finally… yes. but i am still in the midst of making it. then rushed back to hall, put down my 3D and out again to ADM for 2D consultation. it went ok, only my research got rejected. at least she liked the ideas.. after meeting karen, i lingered around a bit outside with jiayin and nic before deciding that i need to go for marketing lecture.

we had a guest lecturer (strike that out… i mean guest speaker) who is working as a sales engineer. funny pepsi max ad shown during the session. for your entertainment.

Job Interview – Pepsi Max

a sigh of relief after the day is over.

facebook says "Nur Liyana Sukri had fun shopping with Faizah Omar , Shu Ning Lim and Lydia Wong today. HAAHAHAH hilarious popular guys and complicated KFC orders." yup, ended my day nicely at JP where we laughed and laughed and laughed summore over the little things that amuse us. 😀 fun times.

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4D lesson on critique days (i.e. everyone goes out to present their stuff and get hit by critiques, or in our case… silence follows as no one wants to critique…) usually spell long lessons. and yes. this lesson stretched on and on.

lucky for me, i went first today so everyone was still happy and interested. got good feedback which i will work on. my project exploring the notion of surveillance nature of our society. so yes, must make the ‘eyes’ more appealing. like Takashi Murakami! i forgot that he has such a fascination with eyes! 😀

as usual, my friends come up with cool and funky ideas for 4D. amazing-ness!

we got released late for WAH lecture. which was another looong lesson. she covered Neo-Classicism, Romanticism and Goya all in one lesson. no wonder it stretched on! (i fell asleep for like 4 slides?! erps.)

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A Memory Stream

school really started today since there was only marketing tutorial yesterday.

so we had Fdn drawing in the morning where i was painting and dabbing furiously in attempt to salvage my watercolour portraits which smudged horribly due to my lack of control of water. hmmphf! but it was fun all the same since there are times when things turn out right. using watercolour is a spontaneous thing, you get it right and it can be fast, but if you get it wrong, it is not easy to salvage it as you cannot paint over and layer unlike pastels. but by the time we had 2 hours straight of watercolour lesson… i got a little bored. (got a little entertainment from the various iphones/ipods being played around me…! and there the revisiting of old cheesy songs from primary school days.. even the model was laughing! :))

i think i am a bit scared of using watercolours and i should really stop having that fear and that mentality that it will turn out bad. it seems to be the medium that most designers/artists use for their sketches so it can’t be that bad.

The American Dollar – Anything You Synthesize (Produced By Onesize)

ambient music and nice video. makes me want to paint the beautiful landscapes!

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was watching "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" on okto yesterday.

it is a brilliant show! and i only just realised it was directed partly by Michel Gondry… who is known for his cool and arty music videos!

anyway… the show is about two characters Joe, and Clementine who are two people in a relationship but their relationship eventually turns sour and both undergo partial memory erasure to erase they memories of the time spent with each other. The film occurs on a non-linear timeline and most of the film takes place in Joe’s head while the procedure of memory erasure is taking place. I think it was interesting to see all the interesting film effects like the buildings disappearing, the signs slowly erasing themselves, people without faces (as joe manages to revisit partially erased memories), multiple timeframes (where you see different scenarios occurring simultaneously) and shifting scenes. of course the concept of how midway through the procedure, joe realises that he wants to stop the complete memory erasure and tries desperately to hold onto the Clementine in his dreams was unusual. In that, he starts to play with his memories, pulling himself and Clementine back to his childhood memories. it is like being in a dream you cannot get out of. and yet realising that you have some control over it.

make me think about the fascinating notion of dreaming again. some people are able to control their dreams.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Trailer

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met up with claire, ailin and carolyn again for a meal. this time to kinda celebrate CNY. (or rather we find excuses to meet up. hahahah!).

and a note: ION’s escalators are confusing.

we were supposed to meet ailin and we were standing two floors above her… we could see her but there was no escalator leading up directly to our floor in sight. so near yet so far huh?

then we finally decided to Not to eat chinese food since we probably had a lot of it during the CNY period anyways. so the fight was between western or Japanese. we ended up at "the Pasta Shop" by Sakae sushi. it is Japanese pasta. with a lot of choices too!

ailin presented me with my long belated birthday present from the three of them…

I am so happy with it. 😀 Thank You!! (we thought that the stamps look like majong tiles!)

then we walked around Ion and later wisma, not really window-shopping much, more like talking and catching up with each other. i love such meet-ups. 😀

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for the first time in a long time, everyone has written new blog entries so i have things to read. ahahahaha!

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Back to school after my 5 day long break needs a little getting used to.

had a lecture for my 4D studio (it is supposed to be Studio class!) lesson today. and at the end of it we got our briefs for our next 2 projects. brilliant. Not! sigh. sigh. sigh. time to crack my head for ideas again. Liz gave us all cupcakes for belated valentine’s day today. pretty and delicious but also very sinful with all that whipped cream! talking about sinful… these few days had been filled with too much rich food, a lot of meat and such, the usual Chinese New Year fare. plus there is also all that new year goodies which i tried to really cut down on since i just recovered (and it still comes back whenever i sleep with my mouth open in my haze-filled environment.) from a sore throat and a leaking nose. The haze in Toa Payoh has been very bad recently btw. it is suffocating.

i digress. we ended early for 4D so went for lunch and then to SAC which we realised is a great place to nap! hahaha! *feels lazy* but yes, liyana, mars and i ended up napping since we rationalised that better nap at SAC then fall asleep while listening to WAH lecture, right? So followed a more content-filled then usual WAH lecture as our lecturer raced ahead to cover Rococo and Neo-classicism in a lecture.

Lydia, Jiayin and i went to ADM after that for our ‘click.click.click…’; photos. for 4D’s next project. i still have no idea what to do yet. brainstorm!

anyways. you can always count on ADM for funny signs and sights. this poster for last sem’s end of sem party which was essentially a hotdog fest showed a hefty $272 pricetag. that much worth of sausages! oh my! and there was that "Strictly no eating or drinking in the Lecture theatre" sign which was pasted in the LIFT! LOL.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

i was supposed to blog about everyday in school but i decide not to for last thurs.

shall blog about Chinese New Year instead! (that’s was on my mind throughout the school week anyway….) and in the midst of all these CNY frenzies, i am having a leaking tap for a nose. it just goes drip. drip. drip. poor nose of mine.

CNY Quirks #1: went to NTUC fairprice yesterday morning (it was a friday.) to buy oranges. and all i can say is… I have never seen NTUC so packed ever. really shocking. i had to queue to have my vegetables weighed and priced. imagine that. and it was a snake-y queue too! oh my, oh my. and the amount of unwanted Leek leaves on the floor was quite atrocious. how could people just throw all that on the floor?! (on a sidenote: i don’t like the smell of Leek but we buy it every year anyway and keep that lone piece of leek for the entire year, it has become quite a tradition.)

CNY Quirks #2: everyone seem to be in a kind of frenzied buying be it for clothes or for food or for anything! and we all join in the frenzy even though we are not crazy about CNY and we do not cook big elaborate meals either. why? because everywhere will be closed on CNY. it seems just the case for survival to buy all your necessities to last that few days when everywhere would seem like a dead-town.

CNY Quirks #3: was hoping for that CNY atmosphere at markets which are supposed to opened very late into the night but it didn’t happen at the market i went to. all the shops were closing at 9pm! sad. sad. sad. the orchids this year also seem to be so life-less unlike previous years. why is that the case??? most florists seem torn between selling ‘valentine’s day’ flowers and ‘Chinese New Year’ flowers and plants.

you have gotta love the crazy things we do during Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! 😀

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museum trip!

lets see. what did i do today…

-went to the 8Q at Singapore Art Museum for our museum trip for 4D. steve and i met faizah, liyana, shu ning, lydia and yibo at JP before heading to cityhall and then being derailed to Macs for breakfast since there was still time… well, we still made it on time! 😀

At 8Q, we got to see the Classic Contemporary which showcased the works of Southeast Asian artists, many of whom i have studied extensively before in Art history. oh my! The title ‘Classic Contemporary’ seem to be an oxymoron in some sense but it does indeed describe these works; made some years back, these works are still very relevant in reflecting today’ society. (kinda shows that nothing much has changed right! hahahah!)

we were supposed to form groups of 3 and picked 2 works to talk about later. lydia, ridwan and i chose Matthew Ngui’s "Self Portrait: Interrogation Of An Image" and Salleh Japar’s "Mechanised Learning". but besides those works i got to see Tang Da Wu’s "Tiger’s Whip", Montien Boonma’s works (i wish to see "temple of the mind" ! too bad..), Vincent Leow’s "Money Suit"… it was interesting to look at contemporary art as always.

i loved the work "Living Fossils" by Vuong Van Thao . it is such a visual display. maybe because i am just attracted to old buildings and houses and the resin makes it look like candied treats! makes me feel happy looking at it. heh!

(image taken by Jeremy)

after the museum, we walked to PS for lunch. and a little shopping (or gushing…) at daiso, made with love and spotlight. all the crafty shops. and the reason lydia, faizah, liyana and I were there?? steve… hahaha!

on the way back, the four of us just fell asleep on the train which saw us almost missing our stops! lunch-time and nap-time comes as a package- yes. 😛

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Decked out in red.

i managed to sleep early last night! heh. and then this morning we met at Chinese Gardens for Foundation Drawing.

i really do not remember ever coming to Chinese Gardens. it is frankly, not very interesting. plus it was a hot, hot, hot day. we found the shade and began drawing the pagoda in pastels which turned out better than my water-colour picture after that. we saw komodo dragons, HUGE fishes and the sun-basking turtles by the pond. sitting by that chinese balcony place just makes me feel like i am in a Chinese Gu Zhuang film. HAHAHA! it was really serene though. nice. 😀

after that we went to JP for lunch and then back to school in time for the Jiayin’s group WAH presentation. we got back our WAH marks too. not my best but it is still great so i am contented. 😀 we went to the library’s viewing room for installation documentaries after tutorial. it wasn’t all that exciting. oh well.

tomorrow is our art museum trip. and i heard lecture is cancelled so we do not have to rush back! yays!

my drawing of Clarke Quay at Night for Foundation Drawing Homework

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