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Being your own boss and working from home often means weekdays blur into weekends and vice versa. Or does it? As I run a handmade business, weekends are precious as they are spent at craft markets selling goods or at workshops – catered to the usual working crowd, where weekends are precious for a different reason.

For my weekends free of events, they are spent at the comforts of home. The same space I conduct my business from. Which is why I find myself also working on weekends, no different from any other day of the week.

Ah, but that’s when the ‘weekend mentality’ kicks in. Even as I may be doing the same work as I do everyday, the weekend feels subtly different. I allow myself to be more relaxed about it. If I don’t achieve certain production goals I set for myself, it is ok. If I decide to take time off to write a blog post, it is ok.

And if I manage to complete some work during the weekends, I congratulate myself more than usual.

It is strange isn’t it, how this concept of weekend gets to us all? Not that I am complaining, it is the weekend afterall.

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