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414 , s13

i m so so happy to finally do some catching up with yok teng and elaine!!! i really do miss my 414’06 even though it really took me so long to realise. i hope those who wants to come nj from 414 gets in!!! then i can see you all everyday! Elaine’s life sound so interesting in australia, i wanna meet people from other countries in asia too! such diversed backgrounds and cultures. and i m happy to say that my present to her reached her exactally on her birthday! talk about good timing! yay!! i miss my secondary school days too. it was a time of so many different subjects and so many different teachers! I rather study many more subjects and not as in-depth. i m kinda getting sick of the subjects i m currently taking, and sometimes i do wonder why i m taking the subjects i m taking.

Oh and i ran today for the first time in a very long time after i finally recovered from that irritating flu-bug. i feel relieved and actually enjoyed the run. i went slower than usual though, trying to pace myself. ran alongside jin lai and my newly made ip friends yun bing and bi qing. haha, our speed was quite similar. yay! then ended pe with a game of captain’s ball. it was hilarious how we cheated and all, but all in good fun. plus when our pe teacher changed our ball to a rugby ball… we ran like crazy after the ball as we totally could not predict how it would bounce back due to it being elongated. hilarious, we spent half the time laughing over the ball..i think our pe teacher was just sitting backa nd enjoying a very hilarious show of girls and guys chasing after a erratic ball! then changed to tennis ball. MUCH better. i managed to score a goal! haha. went in late for gp but din miss much. our group turned from 5 people to 8!!! ms koh wasnt very pleased it was so big. we were meant to discuss an article we picked (which we did for a while.) but we ended up just taking turns to say things to write down while the rest look thru the magazines( at least it was newsweek and time.) i brought in. we are meeting tmr to discuss and i m sure we will a better job! jiayou! then after lunch had bio tutorial. the usual. but mr lim was less off-track today. thankfully. managed to get some work done. met jean, lynette and hong hu in the canteen and we just wasted the whole period eating fruits and exchanging lame jokes. (which in some of jean’s case was not funny just very very lame.) i managed to spend pw period reading bio notes while having a duoby surround sound system around me (jean, ailin, yaoliang, marui singing jay chuo’s songs at different pitches and quality!). since we had nothing to discuss for caal today we talked about cip, jts and amazing race. realised that s13 is really bonded and united that it is hard to imagine that we just met two months ago!

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lion dances

this period of time during the CNY period we see so many lion and dragon dances prancing about.
i wonder whether this tradition of lion and dragon dances would die out in time to come?
is it just a tradition to the chinese? would it eventually become a tradition even to other races?
I witnessed a dragon dance at Far east yesterday and realised that the troupe is not just made out of chinese, in fact there were a significant number of malays! i think it is great that being in a multicultural country that we are learning each other’s traditions! it is amazing!
These dances also draw the crowd in, it is like this big magnet where everyone is being attracted to.
just saw NYGH NPCC lion dance at the empress road market! they did a great job! and there were many people watching too! both the young and the old.
in the end they peeled the orange to form numbers on the floor (for people who wants to buy 4D), maybe it is these numbers which attract people to watch? haha.
seeing all these dances, and the crowds they draw, i m sure that this tradition is here to stay for many more years to come!

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i have to think up of a idea for the army museum competition.
mr lee made it compulsory, thinking of doing clay again! haha.
anyway, i m utterly amused that RSAF would think i m thinking of a career in RSAF. interesting. a SAF scholarship.
*imagines myself piloting a plane.

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these 3 days.

well,well. cny mood is like over already with school starting (or started rather.)
wed to yesterday were usual non-eventful days at school.
on wed had OAC after sch, where we had the most fun session ever with rock-climbing(and bouldering)! yay. but my arms really ache the next day.
thurs was a usual long day at school due to aep in the afternoon where we had to work on our photos for a mini exhibition during the j2s’ common test period. oh and i got my GC! $166 dollars just on a calculator which can be plugged into the computer (for what reasons i really dont have a clue.) and i was asked to bring in photos of my (very lame but cute) aep coursework.
yesterday…lessons as usual with a maths quiz right at the start of the day. how mind stimulating. i did the question halfway before realising it was an improper fraction and had to be ‘long-divisioned’ before broken to partial fractions. sigh. had to redo the question, but thankfully i made it in time and got it right, except the validity part (which i still dont quite understand.) then chem lesson (where i did my tutorial! yay. unlike some people… *points finger at person who sat beside me.) and maths lecture, where we (people who did not pon the last maths lecture due to o’s results.) were gloating cause those who did not come for the previous lecture were totally clueless about the A.P part. haha. and then DOUBLE PERIOD BIO LESSON (due to the lab-session being cancelled) .i m glad i survived. mr lim went off track for half a period about the iraq war, hitler, jews, chinese, oh and (his idol) Bruce lee. and dropped the bomb of a possible bio lecture test on biological molecules next next week. sigh.
then had aep sova lesson on greek art, roman art (almost total rip-off from greek art now that i have realised.), native american art (aka pre-columbian art) and african art. wrote A LOT of notes (everybody did. probably due to the sentence mr lee mentioned before the lesson about wanting to check our sova journals at end of this term.).
then headed off for suntec with sze (making up ‘haikus’ in chinese along the way.),lynette,honghu,jeffrey and marui for class dinner. saw many chairs and a long row of toilets for the chingay parade that night. poor people will have to wipe their seats dry before sitting. we reached marina and made the rest walk from suntec over to eat at marina. but we ended walking back to suntec to eat at just noodles (with fuming classmates like daphne as they just walked over from there.). we sat there for the whole night, partly waiting for jean (who took forever to come as the roads were closed up for chingay.) and playing the dumb and totally inaccurate fortune telling game. oh and making our free flow of drinks worth it. by the time jean arrived we had already decided to be considerate and give up our seats at just noodles for other customers. lol. walked around a bit at carrefour and mini toons before making my way to the mrt (which i had to take instead of the bus due to chingay parade.)

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first day of CNY

ahahaha cny is here le. my throat is much better but i still have to put up with the incessant coughing till my stomach hurts from the excercise. lol. been eating my smaller than usual dose of chinese new year goodies though! haha, how much worse can it get right? anyway cannot resist the call of pineapple tarts, kueh bankit, etc. etc. greedy me. reunion dinner was at long beach this year… quite a change of environment and i am allergic to shellfish! stuck to eating prawns (including my uncle’s share.). then the second day had reunion lunch at ah ma’s house. the usual steamboat with longevity noodles and two hard boiled eggs! my cousins were all talking about work and salaries etc. felt so out of all that. i m still studying! but quite interesting to listen especially when i cant talk too much to rest my throat. 🙂 then went to pasir ris to visit my mother’s uncle. ended up playing with my sorta "cousin" so cute, she is 1 and a half years only and she is quite protective of her mini piano. she wouldnt let yew chen play! so funny. then she took out her diaper from her tiny bag to show us. huh?! haha. feel like a kid again. at night went to yew chen’s place for a popiah dinner. all of us were practising how to wrap the perfect popiah. kept breaking! we blamed it on the skin. all the logic started spilling out about how the popiah skin should be kept in the fridge as the next time we use it it will break easily. the moral… start a new way of eating popiah. the ROJAK way (or ‘pasta’ way)! doesnt taste as good though. really not like the traditional way. so must eat fresh! (sounds like subway slogan.) ended up full and satisfied. yay!

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CNY at njc.

today’s cny celebrations were not fun at all! I miss NYGH’s new year celebrations. at least we get to do everything as a sch together back in nygh. at njc, i din get to watch the concert or the nj superstar sing due to the fact that i was in this calligraphy competition. sigh. ailin and i were hoping to quickly get that done and finished so we can go but it lasted till 10.10am. by that time, the shows were all over already! they did not plan the competition well too, leaving us with nothing to do half the time! we (ailin, dhini, long hao and i) spent the overly long practice time drawing/painting different things. i have perfected my ingots. and pig. and sheep. haha. Dhini also did quite well! cheers for all the non chinese who did their best in the challigraphy! you all are such great sports! oh our class wore our og tee shirt and we pasted these red square (or diamond…) with the word ‘spring’ (chun) on our sleeves to give ourselves a more festive look. not that it did much to brighten my mood… the incessant coughing and lasting pain in my throat just ruined my day. sounded very hoarse too and felt that no one could hear me. it is no surprised then why i did not go with the class (not the whole class though…some went back to their sec sch.) to K-party. ouch. looks like this new year will be one without new year goodies etc.etc. etc. unless a miracle occurs. make it quick! oh and we celebrated carrot’s birthday in the morning… she thought that ailin actually sewed on the words crappy carrot! haha. but she liked her gift so yay!

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yesterday was one busy day! met sze, jianhao, jean, hong hu and long hao in the morning at dhoby ghuat to go together to an art exhibition (which some of jianhao’s works were being exhibited). I was on time. or rather early because everyone else was late! hmmp. managed to run into plaza sing (being stopped many times by flagday do-ers. i donated kae!) to draw money and run out and still no one was at the bus-stop. irritating. isn’t punctuality of paramount importance? (lol.) finally they all arrived and we walked all the way to teochew building to see the works. with the guards specially opening the gallery for us (or so i would like to think.) the students’ works were mainly acrylics and the teacher’s were oil. i love the teacher’s (tan kay nguan) cranes! the brushworks looked like really fast lines that they created a sense of movement throughout the painting. and with a few lines he managed to portray a crane. nice! jianhao’s works were also nice, i love the fur of his animals!!! so real, and must have took a lot of work.
after that we headed off (w/o jianhao) for lunch at meradian. and later to coro (to buy materials to do the chi new year lantern) with a whining long hao who wanted to play pool. haha. we met the rest there (ailin, daphne, yao liang, jeffrey, andrew, shen chen, aidan, qinrui) to purchase the materials (which were MEANT to be recycled…opps.)and headed for qinrui’s house to do paper mache for the pigs. got our hands all gluey while making the pig’s body (instead of using a brush which shen chen and jeffrey were saying that the art attack show guy always used.) and we got our og tee!!! so cute. i love it. i got the right size too!
had to leave early with ailin to reach the airport in time to send may gin off. ran from qinrui’s house to the old nyps then after weighing my options, decided to walk home instead of taking a bus. sorry ailin! but it was not that long a journey so we survived. bathe so was late for the meet up at queenstown. (sorry xinying, sorry claire) but was forgiven as i brought along with me an unexpected guest. (ailin.)
met with the guides at T2 before taking a sky train to T1 to see maygin. we talked alot (about olevels…) and ate gummies and gave may gin hugs… plus the urging of everyone to constantly check and write on gmail. lol. after seeing may gin off we ate at macs (due to the fact that the staff canteen was closed and the so-called food court sold food at ridiculous prices, eg.chicken rice for $6.95) and left for home with hong ling, xin ying and claire.
a truly packed day…so today is hw day. bye!

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