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“I aim to change Momshoo’s Etsy shop’s banner in time for the new year.” (oh boy, that’s a day away!)

i had to put it down somewhere before i forget once again and give in to all that buzzing, buzzing of things to sew going around in circles in my head. hahaha! the good news though is i am close to finishing the craft rug to be part of some crafty-picnic spread (but more on that later…), plus i have stocked up on my dangerously low (this means ZERO) earrings and animal silhouette badges. plus i came up with these cute guys:

they are called “EyeBall-ings” and come in as many colours as the ipod nanos. (ipods are my biggest inspirations…) And… They are staring at you saying: “Buy me please, I may look different from you but I am perfectly harmless!” give in to them won’t you?

meanwhile, the weather has brought chilling winds into the house and my toes are constantly curled up in hope this would keep them from losing less of that precious warmth.

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KL trip

I didn’ take many photos in KL, too busy shopping around and eating! haha! (but here are a few snapshots i got while getting from one shopping mall to the next!)

(petronas twin towers by night from our hotel)

(surprisingly, found many beautiful street art!)


(lovely grand mosque! reminds me of some old forgotten land…)

(and lastly, christmas at Midvalley. 😀 love the decor!)

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new tee-shirt design*

I got bored of plain tees so… i spent a long long long time yesterday sewing a design onto my old marksandspencer’s tee. check it out!

(if the photo is not clear enough fret not, you will get to see my handiwork up-close soon enough when i wear it. i spent so long sewing it of course i will wear it often! :P)

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short get-away

Will be hopping over to our neighbouring country (aka Malaysia) for a few days… not that anybody will notice since it is going to be a short trip this time. 🙂 till then!

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Whoopee! exams are over for this sem! 😀

(of course i had to shout about it in the blogosphere.)

oh but yesterday’s double-dose-essay-based-papers were no joke. this has been the first semester i had so many papers to take (and mind you these modules did not just consist of final papers and mid-term quizzes they also came topped with presentations and in one case, studio design assignments. ho hum.) ok, but at least all is done for this semester and i can really start getting into the festive spirit! 🙂

and beyond my over-exams-cheer, i read about this ingenious business idea in TIME magazine:

furry toys tour.

If you do not have the cash to pay for a holiday in Paris, why not fork out a much smaller sum to give your favourite soft toy a paris holiday instead? This man in Paris decided to start a business by bringing people’s soft toys on trips around the must-see places in Paris. so what you do is you pay a certain amount, and send your soft toy over to Paris, the founder of the business brings your soft toy around to take tourist photos of it at hot tourist spots and sends back your toy with the photos. it is the kind of business idea you wish you have thought of yourself.

A trip for your soft toy to Singapore anyone?

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i just realised…all my latest google searches are related to murder cases.

No, i am not planning a big crime but i do have a forensic science exam tomorrow.

ho hum.

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However much you study, it just never seems enough. right? right.

graphic design: from illustration to simplified graphics, from wild expressions to structured formats and then back to chaos again. from narrative to symbolic. the design attitudes dedicated to first and foremost function, cause without function it really becomes just art and not design. then comes personal expression that still functions in communicating….


head is too filled with too much info, images, names of images, names of designers, their philosophies, historical context, legacies…!!


Paul Rand is truly amazing:

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