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Artshy Craftshy.

This made me smile this bright Sunday morning:

reminded me of the times i gave handmade gifts to my parents and my friends… strange odd things with oozing with so much glue, definitely not what i would call “well-made” but it was cute! 😀

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on being sick.

i know there are times we wish we are sick so that we need not face going to school or rushing our assignments to submit.. (don’t deny it, i am sure you had this thought before!) but after being sick for the past few days (and still in the midst of recovery…),i realised being sick is no fun either. it is not like a public holiday where you get a day off, it means feeling well… sick.
i always joke that there is no point missing school as the work just pile up and that the only time we can miss school is when the teacher is sick instead. evil thoughts. but really, with all the make up lessons taking up my Saturdays, having your lessons postponed isn’t such a good idea either is it? hmm. it is like just earning a day which you have to pay back later.

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busy, busy, busy as usual. this is called design college.
i will have to go back to school on saturday too because we all enjoyed a lovely day of rest yesterday in the form of Hari Raya Haji! and next saturday is booked for another make-up class too. what is this?!


meanwhile, we had a little photoshoot for our mementos today for GD final brochure. after taking so many individual shots of them, they somehow looked better together. 😀

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houses we call homes.

was making a house for my designer’s memento yesterday… this theme of houses keeps coming back in my works i realise!

i remember making ceramic houses in pottery class before thinking all those lofty dreams of one day being able to make little house sculptures/ figurines that could one day be sold as collector’s items like the lilliput lane> series except of course i would churn out these Peranakan shophouses which has its local roots!

well… from the above photos obviously the standard wasn’t up to scratch that i would be able to make my fortune selling them, so i abandoned those hopes…

but i guess the houses theme keeps recurring in my works… i really like houses and it is amazing the house ‘art sculptures’ people make! i found some while poking around etsy:

(PearsonMaron‘s cloud factory)

(seasprayblue‘s skyscaper house)

(MelissaSue‘s house with chicken legs!)

and lastly…

(the lovely recycled village by cocoondesigns)

i hope you enjoyed that little house- virtual gallery tour around Etsy. there are amazing crafters out there…

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– yesterday:  i thought it was saturday night already! but no! it was still friday night. an bonus day. 🙂

– on the spur meet-up with old friends in the form of the NJ AEP bunch! oh my, you all do make me laugh. 😀

– unexpected study mates at NLB this morning. met liz at the lockers and later jeremy and yaohui! 🙂

-Momshoo Etsy abuzz with activities. an Etsy Sale! (or two) to Turkey. oh, overseas sales to such people who appreciate my craft makes me a little dizzy with joy. dizzy because i have suddenly to be buzzing around packaging and sending out and checking postage costs and what nots! a happy busy. 😀

– i just found out: Josh Groban’s new album is going to be out soon. 🙂

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venice at dusk.

i was looking for photos for my graphic design moodboard in the weekend and i found this! a photo taken in Venice when we were on a boat out to visit the other islands making up Venice near dusk. pretty eh?

meanwhile, school has been keeping me busy and i just completed another custom luggage tags order for a customer. (two of her friends are about to receive some birthday surprise! 😀 sweet isn’t it? )

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