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last week of school. start of promo- studying.
yet, this week has been a great one, from the kite flying to the teachers’ day celebrations.
kite flying at marina south was just wacky with us making our own kites… our group did what i suggested… random drawings, with a very excited kevin who wanted his pikachu on the kite. we wrote a big ‘3’ on our kite due to our lack of name for our group… we desperately need one. debrief was lame-telling, activity suggesting time and we came up with so many things we wanted to try in future oac sessions. then had a steamboat dinner with them. i think the buffet was not worth it when it comes to small people like jessie,rachel and i. haha. anyway, the touting was so so great! we ended up with a heavily discounted price with free drinks and ice creams. *grins*

thurs was a drag and a long long day. plus i got back my maths test which i was so sure i would fail. i did. i got a single digit out of 25 marks. horrible careless mistakes abound. spent the rest of the day moping until aep, where the ‘aeps’ brightened up my day… we spent the first 15 minutes of our time outside AR11 talking and looking at the amphi, a short 15 minutes but very relaxing to be doing nothing. then sova with ms lu was all about piet mondrian… interesting. and we went down to take silly aep group photos. the cameras were actually set up all for the cca groups to take formal photos and there we are doing jumping shots, wacky shots and back view shots. haha. we made the photographer very worried that he will have to stay in school for the entire evening just taking photos for us! 🙂

then today’s tchr’s day was so nostalgic. in the morning met sze and honghu to make mr lee’s stress ball… flour all over. haha. but it turned out really nice. and then celebrations. some teachers came in nj uniforms. hmm… and wacky hairstyles, especially the ‘hairspray’ teacher. wacky. the skit by council was the best! trent was very funny. haha.

hopped back to nygh after the njc celebrations with euods, ailin and claire… met jane at the good old ecopond before going to the hall to catch an interesting performance by all the teachers from the different departments. very funny… all the a-go-go era and cha-cha, it was a great show. met ms lye with jane and yokteng and i managed to catch up with ms lena teo! that’s when the mini 414 class gathering occurred, with jas, jo and tifen coming! 🙂 we were complaining about h2 maths togther and saying that we regret not taking history… and what was ms teo doing? she was laughing at us and going ‘see lah, did not listen to me… should have taken history’, the same conversation happened with ms foo and ms teng (our lit teachers) except they wanted us to take lit. haha. a bigger class gathering with yang lao shi and ms lily chua! ahh… group hug. so happy, got my handshake from yang lao shi and a big hug from ms chua. *tears. met mr lim again in his worst ever shirt of a uncle. managed to get a shot of it and also got my aeptitude booklet! hoho. i m a happy girl. i still recall exactally one year ago i was still worrying about my aep coursework which just broke into a million pieces. i spent the day after tchrs’ day celebrations carving the words on my coursework panels (which were to be later exploded in the kiln..), all alone in the nygh ceramics room, with only a little guidance from mr lim as he had to rush of the usual teachers’ day lunch at boarding school…

i miss nygh’s teachers’ day, even if we have to do the traditional ‘happy teacher’s day’ (to the tune of ‘happy birthday’) every year….

it seem even more meaningful this year with all the meeting up with my juniors, hongling (!!), yia chin (!!), grace and all the 414’06-ners.   

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photos uploaded

this is what happens when i have no time to do some serious blogging.
lotsa photos for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

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Maddening Math test

just when i forgotten the monday blues, tuesday comes around and i feel terrible again. the maths lecture test has not been kind. and i have never felt so sure i would fail before. the worst part is that it isn’t something i dun know how to do!! i do, i do! but the problem is the lack of time and the jitters (plus the irritating wannabe song playing in my head due to my dear aep seniors.)

i have no mood to work anymore. it sucks.

the last person i wish to see is my maths tutor and yet, as i m sitting here, he comes to queue for food. what in the world is happening here?! oh wells, maybe i will see more of him anyway, when i find myself in his remedial class. the rest of the day cant possibly get any worse, yet it probably will…

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my mondays are getting better… it is no longer all the back to school blues ( maybe because i hardly even have a break so it is not so bad that i m back to school again??), or maybe it is because of the fanatasic people i see first thing in the mornings on monday. 😀 

did dada art once again for our ‘artclub’ board for open day. it was hilariously random, in fact random doesn’t even begin to describe it. especially with mr. lee’s additions (the functions… the urinal- so so so dada, marcel duchamp!, part of long hao, his video cam… etc.) but the funniest part came with the connecting of paper… courtesy of kaisheng and honghu. they found all the WEIRD ways of connecting, we became very crazy about randomness- i love huijun’s paper of random animals… spider, tortoise, mussel, fish, bird, reindeer…. very cute. oh and my dedication to brownie, my dear rabbit! plus biology… chromosome and dna double helix yo. the period just wasn’t enough… honghu and i were totally itching!!! to draw of coz. ‘it is street art?’ i cant explain all the randomness that went into the work… so the photos will be uploaded soon and you can see all the edits (including a demo of how to transform a pile of dung into a bee hive!:))

then rushed to biology lecture as usual. it was mind boggling but all the same, i understood. *beems*

chem lecture with mrs yeo. she went through chemistry SPA… but how to pay attention when the LT5 aka the freezer is even colder when it is a cold day?! ailin was all strangely entwined in her t-shirt. haha. brr…

of coz gp followed soon after despite my rumbling tummy. had to drag a whining andrew there again… we did a ‘burger’, haha. as in presentations, AQ and presentations. (all the sesame dotted bread and the meat.) Mr. Whitby was hilarious with his ‘burgers and teeth’ structure. and of coz his demostration of how we were like ‘trees’ with swaying branches no less. it was fun! yes i do agree, GP is definitely not boring with him, how could it be? 🙂

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national day week was a blast… and that has double meaning…
it was great as in a break. yet… it was over before i knew it.
of coz a day was set aside for my ‘dear’ pw wr. erps. why do we have it when it is not even going to be implemented? i m proud of my video btw. haha.
then 1 day with family and the country! haha. national day parade at home was just as good, pizza and all.
and two days devoted to BULOH. i absolutely love that group in oac. it is so sad that we are going to be broken apart after all that bonding, the seniors are now gone… norman has quit oac for harmoc, and those who are left? we are going to be in separate groups all the same. it is sad. i will miss it, a lot, a lot!
the excuse of buying the seniors gifts and the using of the swensens voucher gave us the perfect time to catch up for the last time… thank goodness for the investiture. investiture was nice and warm and funny at the same time. the video was sweet, the exchange of badges brought happiness, the games brought laughter, the late release brought anxiety (because i havent finished my work), the missing of my bus brought frustration, the reading of the seniors’ message was heart-warming. i will miss you guys! 😀 meanwhile, i will drool at the fact that i have a whole family pack of hello panda to eat and hopefully that can water my cactus! hahaha.
the past week was fruitful though. i finally understood biology lectures and chemistry. Even though maths have been a mad rush but it was better than the week before and i managed to catch up, i have also been strangely able to sleep very easily in school (during the free periods of coz… in my new found best sleeping environment… the library. sleep-inducible.). all that can go wrong however did happen, in the form of my trial SPAs for both bio and chem and my trial showcase for pw. hopefully all the Real events goes well.
the gc yesterday was hilarious too, shan and i conducted the ‘peer pressure’ gc. we thought hardly anyone was listening but no… everyone was. we kept mentioning the phrase in everything after the session. haha. i love S07.
aep has also been a breather, it’s the company. we now have our own video of the ldn/paris trip! thanks to honghu!! 🙂 and we spent the last moments of ‘shut-down friday’ today shaving coloured pencils, plastering the pencils with ‘NJC ART CLUB’ and the creation of Dada works : ‘penknife 1’ and ‘penknife 2’. i love AEP.

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TAPE art at nyjc.

as seen from the title… went to NYJC today to learn tape art as part of the usual JC1/sec3 aep workshop. it was quite fun! of coz due to the initial ‘collaboration’ from group 17 and 18 (my group is 18! OREO!) we ended up with an all-girls group and an all-guys group. both of which came up with superb and very different themes and designs! theirs was all ‘warcraft’ computer gaming. so kaisheng (who is incidentally the leader of the group). then ours was so popart! I LIKE! haha. really graphic, roy lichenstein cum andy warhol look alike! yay. nice work of a winding road with the cityscape as the background. so we could just all do whatever weird designs we like for the buildings. with lotsa pokerdots! or circles. and a huge ‘oreo’ sign due to our leader’s (sarah) obession with her oreo cookies which she kept harping on. haha. it was very fun though. we won the best design which i m so so so proud of! yay! go group 18!

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the past month…

i havent been able to get time off to blog recently… for one whole month. it was just activities after activity. watched Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix the first week, had art camp on the next week (plus plus the all-so-important release of the harry potter book!), the following week was used for catching up on work i missed doing during the art camp and the week after was eom and GP VA. it took forever. finally, national day hols are coming and i can finally rest and blog! 🙂 plus all my aftwernoons are just made up aeptitude, jigsaw puzzle painting, oac structure building, national day tile painting and consolidation lessons, next week would be make up for the lessons missed on national day holiday. hmmpfs. i lead a very fulfilling life. if only i had the time to actually take a breather and start working on those lousy CT grades! heh.
anyway, this year’s aeptitude has been fun i guess, and it is not just the fact that my work is being exhibited (and have postcards!!) it is also due to the fringe event where we taught primary school children sand art. quite tiring talking in the ‘kid’ manner. i wonder how the teachers maintain it? haha, i take my hat of to them. 🙂

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